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This is one of my road bikes. I did not need another road bike when I bought it, but sometimes (okay, often…) I buy bicycles I don’t technically need.

I did have the slightest tinge of buyer’s remorse, even though I was completely in love with it. A few rides and a couple adventures later, there was nothing but love left for the do-it-all item4. It’s fast. It’s comfortable. It has a ride quality that is equally suited to smooth road rides or poor pavement sorties.

  • Clearance for 35mm tires
  • Vélo Orange rim brakes
  • Columbus tubing
  • Whiskey carbon fiber fork
  • White Industries/3T/Shimano/Boyd

From The Radavist:

Baltimore’s Chris Bishop of Bishop Bikes hasn’t been to NAHBS since 2013 and this year, he brought what he’s known for and then some. You can always count on Chris for the finest fillet and lug construction, but I was completely surprised to see him soft-launch a production line called Item 4, named after the substrate specification used in gravel roads in the North East. Item 4 is a collaboration with Vicious Cycles, who is tig-welding the front triangle of these frames, with Chris fillet brazing the rear and all the accoutrement needed for a rim brake or disc brake road bike. Chris really wants to expand the Bishop Bikes lineup, to get more people out on bikes that he’s designed and to be honest, I can’t wait to see more of these roll out of his Baltimore workshop…

Pics by John Watson

This bike was a prototype, but in essence it is still an item4 – fully custom, tig welded main triangle, and the best tubeset Columbus makes- tuned tube by tube for you. Capra Vélo imports and custom builds item 4 bikes, inquire if you have questions.


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